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I got my Computer Science Master's degree at ETH Zürich. My research interests span over computer vision, deep learning and their applications. Specifically, I have several projects in the fields of video analysis, human tracking and re-identification, and neural rendering. Recently I also focus on designing real-world human centric problem and video synthesis applications via motion modeling methods. My main objective is to push the boundaries of interaction between machines and humans by discovering unprecedented computer vision applications.

Photo took in Kobe, Japan. 2016

Practical Experience


Master of Science in Computer Science,
ETH Zürich

[September.2018 - June.2021]

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering,
National Taiwan University

[September.2012 - June.2016]


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Motion Guided Human Video Synthesis

Hsuan-I Ho, Xu Chen, Jie Song, Otmar Hilliges

[Master Thesis (BibTeX)] [Code]

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READ: Reciprocal Attention Discriminator for Image-to-Video Re-Identification

Minho Shim, Hsuan-I Ho, Jinhyung Kim Dongyoon Wee

[ECCV 2020 (BibTeX)] [Video and Slides] [Code]

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Learning from Dances: Pose-Invariant Re-Identification for Multi-Person Tracking

Hsuan-I Ho, Minho Shim, Dongyoon Wee

[ICASSP 2020 (BibTeX)] [Dataset] [Code] [Demo]

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Summarizing First-Person Videos from Third Persons’ Points of View

Hsuan-I Ho, Wei-Chen Chiu, Yu-Chiang Frank Wang

[ECCV 2018 (BibTeX)] [Supplementary] [Project Page]

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A Benchmark Dataset for 6DoF Object Pose Tracking

Po-Chen Wu, Hsuan-I Ho*, Yueh-Ying Lee*, Hung-Yu Tseng*,
Ming-Hsuan Yang, Shao-Yi Chien

(* indicates equal contribution.)

[ISMAR 2017 (BibTeX)] [Project Page]

Selected Works

Course Projects

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Learning Pose-aware Human Representations for Conditional Person Image Translation

Hsuan-I Ho, Chi-Ching Hsu, Juan-Ting Lin

Deep Learning course project at ETH Zürich

[Project Report]

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Spatiotemporal Multimodal Network for Dynamic Gesture Recognition

Hsuan-I Ho, Chi-Ching Hsu

Machine Perception course project at ETH Zürich

[Project Report] [Project Page]

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Supe®oad: Road Segmentation through Multi-objective Ensemble and Geometric-aware Post-processing

Davin Choo, Hsuan-I Ho, Juan-Ting Lin, Vaclav Rozhon

(Names are in alphabetical order of first names.)

Computational Intelligence Lab course project at ETH Zürich

[Project Report] [Project Page]

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Neural Network Adversarial Attack Analysis

Hsuan-I Ho, Chi-Ching Hsu

Reliable and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence course project at ETH Zürich

[Project Report] [Code]

Video Demos

Photographic Demos

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