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I received my B.S. degree from Dept. of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University (NTU). I plan to pursue my graduate study from 2018 fall. My research interests span over Computer Vision algorithms and its applications. Specifically, I have done several projects in the fields of Augmented Reality, Human-Computer Interface, and Machine Learning. Recently I foucs on designing real-world Computer Vision applications via Deep Learning methods. My main objective is to push the boundaries of interaction between machines and humans by discovering unprecedented computer vision applications.

Photo took in Kobe, Japan. 2016

Education and Academic Experience


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For Your Eyes Only: Learning to Summarize First-Person Videos

Hsuan-I Ho, Wei-Chen Chiu, Yu-Chiang Frank Wang

[ArXiv 2017 (BibTeX)]

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A Benchmark Dataset for 6DoF Object Pose Tracking

Po-Chen Wu, Yueh-Ying Lee*, Hung-Yu Tseng*,
Hsuan-I Ho*, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Shao-Yi Chien

(* indicates equal contribution.)

[ISMAR 2017 (BibTeX)] [Project Page]

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