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I am a second-year PhD student supervised by Prof. Dr. Otmar Hilliges. I obtained my Computer Science Master's degree at ETH Zürich in 2021. My research interests lie in human-centric computer vision ranging from basic understandings of human-centric videos, such as human recognition and pose estimation, to more complicated generative tasks, such as motion prediction and full-body generation. Recently, I focus on incorporating user control signals, such as image-based guidance or text prompts, to generative models for producing high-quality, user-specific 3D avatars. I am interested in learning controllable generative models with limited 3D supervision and incorporating large-scale generative priors to create diverse avatars.

Photo took in Kobe, Japan. 2016


Master of Science in Computer Science,
ETH Zürich

[September.2018 - June.2021]

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering,
National Taiwan University

[September.2012 - June.2016]

Practical Experience


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Learning Locally Editable Virtual Humans

Hsuan-I Ho, Lixin Xue, Jie Song, Otmar Hilliges

[CVPR 2023 (BibTeX)] [Code] [Video]

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Render In-between: Motion Guided Video Synthesis for Action Interpolation

Hsuan-I Ho, Xu Chen, Jie Song, Otmar Hilliges

[BMVC 2021 (BibTeX)] [Supplementary] [Code] [Video]

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READ: Reciprocal Attention Discriminator for Image-to-Video Re-Identification

Minho Shim, Hsuan-I Ho, Jinhyung Kim Dongyoon Wee

[ECCV 2020 (BibTeX)] [Video and Slides] [Code]

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Learning from Dances: Pose-Invariant Re-Identification for Multi-Person Tracking

Hsuan-I Ho, Minho Shim, Dongyoon Wee

[ICASSP 2020 (BibTeX)] [Dataset] [Code] [Demo]

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Summarizing First-Person Videos from Third Persons’ Points of View

Hsuan-I Ho, Wei-Chen Chiu, Yu-Chiang Frank Wang

[ECCV 2018 (BibTeX)] [Supplementary] [Project Page]

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A Benchmark Dataset for 6DoF Object Pose Tracking

Po-Chen Wu, Hsuan-I Ho*, Yueh-Ying Lee*, Hung-Yu Tseng*,
Ming-Hsuan Yang, Shao-Yi Chien

(* indicates equal contribution.)

[ISMAR 2017 (BibTeX)] [Project Page]

Selected Works

Course Projects

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FIFA Superresolution Project

Hsuan-I Ho, Jie Song

Research Engineer at AIT Lab

[Project Report]

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Motion Guided Human Video Synthesis

Hsuan-I Ho, Xu Chen, Jie Song, Otmar Hilliges

Master's thesis

[Master Thesis (BibTeX)]

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Learning Pose-aware Human Representations for Conditional Person Image Translation

Hsuan-I Ho, Chi-Ching Hsu, Juan-Ting Lin

Deep Learning course project at ETH Zürich

[Project Report]

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Spatiotemporal Multimodal Network for Dynamic Gesture Recognition

Hsuan-I Ho, Chi-Ching Hsu

Machine Perception course project at ETH Zürich

[Project Report] [Project Page]

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Supe®oad: Road Segmentation through Multi-objective Ensemble and Geometric-aware Post-processing

Davin Choo, Hsuan-I Ho, Juan-Ting Lin, Vaclav Rozhon

(Names are in alphabetical order of first names.)

Computational Intelligence Lab course project at ETH Zürich

[Project Report] [Project Page]

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Neural Network Adversarial Attack Analysis

Hsuan-I Ho, Chi-Ching Hsu

Reliable and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence course project at ETH Zürich

[Project Report] [Code]

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